Beverage Trends: A Marketing Perspective

Article written by Aaron Jones

BeveragesTouching on Harmony Craft Beverages’ recent article about the latest trends in beverage, we wanted to share some key insights and learnings from a marketing perspective. General takeaways include:

  • Consumers are staying in and hosting more. This trend is driving demand for higher-priced beverages, at-home mixology, and unique and elevated drinking experiences.
  • The demand for nonalcoholic and hemp/cannabis beverages is surging. The increased demand is fueled by younger generations who are drinking less alcohol, as well as consumers who are seeking healthier and more functional beverage options.
  • RTD beverages are gaining traction, especially non-alcoholic and hemp-infused options. This is due to their convenience, versatility, and occasion-flexibility.
  • Cider is undergoing a refreshing evolution. Consumers are increasingly seeking out fruit-forward, botanical-infused, barrel-aged, and functional-infused ciders.

The Marketing Implications of the latest beverage trends include:

  • Focus on elevated and unique drinking experiences. Consumers are looking for beverages that offer more than just a buzz. They want to learn about the ingredients, the flavors, and the story behind the brand.
  • Create non-alcoholic and cannabis-infused beverage options that appeal to a wide range of consumers. Consider different flavor profiles, dosage levels, and formats to meet the needs of different demographics and occasions.
  • Make it easy for consumers to find and purchase RTD beverages. Partner with retailers and distributors to ensure that your products are available in convenient locations.
  • Educate consumers about the different types of products available. Highlight the unique flavor profiles and functional benefits of products.

Here are some specific marketing strategies that brands can use to capitalize on these trends:

  • Partner with influencers and tastemakers. Identify influencers who are passionate about beverages and have a following that is aligned with your target audience. Invite them to try your products and share their experiences with their followers. Focus on influencers with engaged followers versus a large following.
  • Host educational events and workshops. This is a great way to teach consumers about the benefits of functional beverages, the different types of cider available, and how to create their own at-home cocktails.
  • Create engaging social media content. Share recipes, tips, and behind-the-scenes stories to capture consumers’ attention and generate excitement for your brand.
  • Run targeted advertising campaigns. Strategically use social media advertising and search engine marketing to reach potential customers who are interested in the types of beverages you offer. Leverage platforms that are open to highlighting regulated products.

By following these tips, brands can position themselves at the forefront of these emerging beverage trends and reach new customers. Reach out to schedule time to review your beverage needs.