Our Mission

Fiorello Agency looks to amplify entities that offer products and spread messages that foster wellness and well-being. Newly-emerging industries in plant medicine, self-care and alternative health offer solutions to long-endured and widely-held problems for individuals and communities. Fiorello’s work and culture pushes to destigmatize many of the outdated belief systems still in place in this space and to make these products and their inherent benefits available to a wider swath of people.

We believe purpose-driven storytelling has the power to educate, inspire action and ignite change.

Our Work

At Fiorello, we craft impactful brands that reshape the perception of new and innovative industries. We are a team of leading minds from the worlds of entertainment, fashion, food and beverage, media, and hemp/cannabis. Our team's diverse backgrounds and unwavering commitment to authenticity form the foundation of our success.

Love Yer Brain

A unity of art, weirdness, and plant-based medicine. From the creative mind of Wayne Coyne, frontman of the Flaming Lips.

AutoPot USA

AutoPot USA manufactures and sells hydroponic growing solutions that are fully-automated and require no external power.

Harmony Craft Beverages

Harmony Craft Beverages is your bridge to bringing new beverage brands and products to life - and to market.

Adeptus Partners

Adeptus Partners is a solutions-based certified public accounting, advisory, and business management firm.


Klaus is a craft cannabis beverage bringing old world charm back through carefully curated mixology and flavor profiling.

Good Trip Studios

Good Trip Studio's mission is to destigmatize psychedelics through entertainment and pop culture.

Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley is committed to making clean, potent, high-quality cannabis products for those we love.


Artet is a low-dose cannabis aperitif, designed at the intersection of Italian aperitivo and joint-passing cultures.

Yoga Crow

Yoga Crow™ is committed to bringing function-forward yoga clothes to the modern man.

Our Insights

Beverage Trends: A Marketing Perspective

Touching on Harmony Craft Beverages’ recent article about the latest trends in beverage, we wanted to share some key insights and learnings from a marketing perspective.

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Designing and Marketing Brands in the Psychedelics Space

While still in its early stages, the psychedelics industry is poised for rapid expansion. As public awareness of psychedelics’ therapeutic potential continues to expand, the demand for ethical and trustworthy brands within this burgeoning sector is intensifying. 

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Fiorello Agency Taps E-Comm and Digital Veteran Aaron Jones, as Managing Director and Head of Digital

Jones to spearhead market expansion initiatives and increase focus on supporting digital strategies for emerging markets for the agency.   Fiorello Agency, a leading branding and marketing agency known for its services to lifestyle brands in the fashion, emerging markets, and beverage categories, today announced the appointment of Aaron Jones as Head of Digital and…

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