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Hopper Reserve

For the Rebel in All of Us...

For the Rebel in All of Us...

Hopper Reserve, inspired by American actor, maverick filmmaker, photographer, and artist Dennis Hopper, is a new cannabis lifestyle brand helmed by Hopper's daughter Marin Hopper, in partnership with The Hopper Art Trust and Sands Lane Ventures.

Through the legacy of Dennis Hopper, Fiorello was tapped to:

Build a galvanizing, purpose-driven cannabis brand that erases preconceived notions and advances the industry forward.

Unite our community rooted in appreciation of Dennis Hopper’s art and cultural contributions. Incorporate artistically minded creators, thought leaders and change agents to erase cannabis stigmas.

Facilitate a familiar access and/or re-entry point to safe, sustainably + responsibly sourced cannabis products, embodying the independent, untethered legacy of Hopper further amplified through art and open conversation.

Hopper Reserve Hat